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Donations to Atlas THON go to the Four Diamonds Fund, which supports pediatric cancer research and offsets the cost of cancer treatment that insurance does not cover.

Atlas and the THON community as a whole greatly appreciates donations. Over 95 cents of each dollar donated goes directly to the Four Diamonds Fund, which offsets the cost of cancer treatment that insurance does not cover and supports pediatric cancer research. Click here to learn more about how THON utilizes its funds.

Donate via Check

If you would like to donate with a check please send an envelope with the enclosed check made out to the Penn State Dance MaraTHON. All checks can be mailed to our finance chair using the address below:

Atlas THON, Attn: Patrick Kunz, P.O. Box 963, State College, PA 16804

Please write ATLAS 312 in the memo line so our organization can receive credit for your contribution.

Employee Matching

Learn how your company can double or triple the impact of your donation through employee matching.

Find out more about corporate matching here!

Donor FAQ

1. How can I donate to THON?

There are many ways to contribute to THON, such as giving money to canners on the street and door-to-door canvassers or writing THONvelope checks. The most efficient way to make a contribution to THON at any given time is to make a THONline donation through Our website gives directions about making an online donation on our “Donate” tab.

2. How is the money that I donate used?

THON raises money for the Four Diamonds Fund to fight pediatric cancer. Its funds not only finance research but also finance the families of pediatric cancer victims, thus helping them pay for treatment and other expenses so that they do not have to worry about financial burdens and can focus on fighting cancer. 100% of all funds raised by Atlas and other student organizations go directly to THON. A summary of fundraising within THON can be found here.

To learn more about the Four Diamonds Fund, check them out here.

3. How does atlas raise the majority of its funds for thon?

Atlas fundraises throughout the academic year in a variety of ways. Atlas' largest fundraiser is canning. During canning weekends, Atlas members travel to locations throughout PA and the surrounding states to solicit donations streetside. Atlas also organizes a variety of smaller Alternative Fundraisers throughout the year, including restaurant fundraisers, bake sales, date auctions, and more. In their hometowns, our members place hundreds of donation boxes at stores and restaurants to spread awareness and raise funds. Members also send out mailers, called "THONvelopes" to friends, family, and Atlas Alumni encouraging them to donate. These are just a few of the many ways that Atlas members passionately dedicate their time throughout the year to raise money in the fight against pediatric cancer! Of course, Atlas greatly appreciates any contributions made to THON. Click here to make a contribution of your own!

4. I want to write a check for THON. How do I make sure it gets to the right place?

Checks can be sent in a THONvelope or even given to a canner on a street corner. They can also be mailed to the THON office at:
Attn: Finance
210 HUB
University Park, PA 16802

Please make sure to write ATLAS 312 in the memo line of the check so that our organization is credited.

5. Is my donation to THON tax-deductible?

All donations to THON are tax-deductible.  THON’s federal tax ID number is 24-6000-376. All donations above $25 will be receipted by The Pennsylvania State University. THON’s W-9 form can be accessed here.

THON is under the umbrella of Penn State which is a 170(c) organization. THON, however, has a letter of equivalency that verifies that our status isequivalent to the status of a 501(c) organization. By remaining under 170(c), Penn State is allowed to process all of THON’s money which would be impossible for THON to do on our own since we are a student run organization. The 501(c) equivalency states that we are a non profit organization and can receive charitable donations.

6. How do I credit Atlas for my donation?

Money donated to canners and canvassers will be credited to whichever organization they represent, but it is easy to credit checks and THONline donations to Atlas as well. When making a THONline donation, has a dropdown box from which Atlas can be selected so that it is credited with your donation. When writing checks for THONvelopes, write ATLAS 312 in the memo section of the check so that Atlas is credited. Any questions regarding the record or receipt of donation can be forwarded to Pat Kunz at

7. How can my business make a donation to THON?

All information dealing with corporate donations can be found in THON’s corporate packet. These can be accessed on THON’s website here. With further questions regarding corporate donations, contact Angela Buccellato at

8. How can I participate in employee matching?

THON is fortunate enough to be partnered with many companies that participate in its employee matching program. In order to find out if your employer participates in this program, visit here. Also check out here to learn more about employee matching.


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