Alternative Fundraising

The Alternative Fundraising Committee, better known as Alt Fund, is another awesome way to get involved with Atlas and contribute to THON. This committee is responsible for fundraisers that fall outside of the DAR committee and canning/canvassing. These types of events include dinners, bake sales, raffles, penny wars, date auctions and more. Since members can help organize and lead these events, Alt Fund allows for a place of individual growth and leadership within this organization. 
You can join Alt Fund by coming to the meetings at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays. If you have any questions about this committee you can contact Tyler Christoffel at

Online Year-round Fundraisers

    • This is as easy as it gets. Just open up a tab on your computer to and refresh it every day. Each day you remember to do that, Atlas makes $0.03. As if that wasn't enough, you'll get a new page every day based on your interests (It's sort of like StumbleUpon).
    • Click on Atlas For the Kids as the cause to support. Then just search for anything you would use google for and Atlas will get credited for each search!

Penny Wars

Hang on to your spare change for Penny Wars in the fall! Simply put pennies in your house's can and any other spare change into other house's cans. It's a great way to raise some extra money FTK!