Atlas History

Atlas was founded in September 2005 on the "Atlas" floor of Atherton Hall. The founding members, which included, Matt Sterling and some friends on his floor, wanted to be able to get involved with the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON), without having to be a member of a club sport or the Greek System.  In its inaugural year, Atlas was paired with the Victoria Smith family and raised a little over $26,000. We have only grown from there! The following year, we more than tripled our fundraising total and became the top independent organization.

In 2010, Atlas was lucky to be paired with the Claire Brobson family. That same year, THON 2011, Atlas was the highest-raising organization overall at THON. Just a few days before THON weekend 2012, Atlas was again lucky to be paired with the Amarie Gerena family.

In 2015, the Brobsons decided that they wanted to see Atlas be paired with another family, officially un-pairing with Atlas to become a legacy family. Atlas' relationship with our families did not change, but it gave us the opportunity to apply for a new family. Atlas was paired with our fourth family, the Samir Johnson family before THON 2015. Atlas continues to watch our THON kids grow to be strong and healthy!

Our Families

The THON-Adopt-A-Family program allows organizations to be paired with Four Diamond families to bring volunteers and families closer together. Atlas is privileged to have been paired with four amazing families: The Smiths, The Brobsons, The Gerenas, and The Johnsons!  

Our Legacy


THON 2016: Believe Beyond Boundaries

Total: $298,611.81 (first overall)

"Dancing Today for a Better Tomorrow" for Victoria Smith, Claire Brobson, Amarie Gerena, and Samir Johnson

Dancers: Andrea Garbrick, Andrew Kowalski, Josh Zollman, Kaylee McNamara, Kate Robinson, Laura Lano, Meghan Riegel, Nick Benelli, Rachele Poveromo, Wilton Smith

Executive Board: Keegan Walters (President), Patrick Kunz, Josh Zollman, Sean Russo, Kate Robinson, Samantha Eckstein, Angela Buccellato, Connor Charney, Mikayla Voller, Katie Nastase, Rachele Poveromo 



THON 2015: Empower the dreamers

Total: $470,347.55 (first overall)

"A Decade of Dancing, A Lifetime of Hope" for Victoria Smith, Claire Brobson, and Amarie Gerena

Dancers: Harris Beck, Brian Curry, Marie Macaulay, Chris McElroy, Meghan Philibin, Julie Roehner, Rachel Rothstein, Mikayla Voller, Keegan Walters, Lindsay Wratcher

Executive Board: Kevin Cass (President), Meghan Philibin, Marie Macaulay, Meghan Riegal, Andrew Kowalski, Nick Benelli, Wilton Smith, Chris McElroy, Laura Lano, Elisa Hickey, Lindsay Wratcher



Total: $390,366.96 (first overall)

"Dancing to Move the World" for Victoria Smith, Claire Brobson, and Amarie Gerena

Dancers: Sean Carr, Kevin Cass, Clara Etter, Katie Harrison, Alyssa Jacunski, Bob Kowalski, Ryan McElroy, Allison Montgomery, Ashley Reed, Mike Stanowski

Exectuive Board: Mike Stanowski (President), AJ Cheeseman, Rachel Rothstein, Kevin Cass, Katie Harrison, Brian Curry, Keegan Walters, Julie Roehner, Logan Bykofsky, Clara Etter, Harris Beck