• 121 Sparks Building (map)

Come out to the Atlas Date Auction next Monday (9/29) at 7:45 PM in 121 Sparks. There, you'll have the opportunity to buy a date with all of your favorite Atlas members and local celebrities including...

  • Men's Hockey Players (Like a lot of them)

  • Cheerleaders! (Men and Women)

  • Me

  • Women's Volleyball Players

  • Mike The Mailman!!

  • Me

  • The THON Directors


  • And me! (Please buy me)

You'll also get a chance to buy the rest of our executive board and so much more! Tickets will be sold at the door for $4, so even if you don't end up buying someone you'll be supporting THON and watching a hilarious show. 

This is going to be a great time, so bring a group of friends, pool your money, and buy yourself a hot date FTK!


List of dates being auctioned off:

List of Dates:

Elijah Hermitt and Keenan Brown

Clara Etter and Harris Beck

Megan Courtney and Kendall Pierce

Maura Swisher- Ohana President

Marie Mccaulay- Scarlett Johansson and Meghan Philbin- Det. John Munch

Mike the Mailman

Tanner “Afro Kid” Beck

THON Executive Director- Megan Renaut

THON Directors

Casey O’Neill and Tim Hushon

Volleyball Players-

  • Matt Callaway

  • Zack Parlik

  • Kyle Gregan

Dar Bros- Wilton Smith and Nick Benelli

Kristen Brown- Apollo President

Kowalski Brothers

Nittany Lions

Lindsay Wratcher and Elisa Hickey- Dinner With the Smiths

Mike Stanowski- Former Atlas President

El Presidente- Kevin Cass

Katie Harrison, Laura Lano, and Meghan Riegel

Men’s Hockey Players

  • Jonathan Milley

  • Patrick Koudys

  • Erik Autio

  • Tommy Olczyk

  • Rick Derosa

  • Dave Thompson

Chris McElroy and Sean Carr

PSU Cheerleaders- Carl Nerthling and Steve Fundaro

PSU Cheerleaders- Jordan Hinkle, Karli Schott, and Ally Lamanna