WHAT: A first ever Atlas THONvelope event! We will be in Forum from 4-8pm with THONvelopes, templates, stamps, and entertainment. Come for a little or stay the whole time - it is up to you! Each hour on the hour we will take a break to enjoy entertainment in the form of videos, inspiration, competition, and more!

WHERE: 108 Forum Building

WHEN: Sunday, November 15th from 4:00pm - 8:00pm

WHY: To raise as much money and awareness as possible FTK! Come join other Atlas members as we have a blast working on our THONvelopes!

WHAT TO BRING: A list of contacts to send THONvelopes to, writing & decorating materials, friends, and maybe your laptop! We will have some blank THONvelopes to give out, but bring yours if you've picked some up already! Be sure to bring THONvelope Templates with you. They can be found on our website. If you have any decorating materials feel free to bring them. We will have some, but don't want to run out.

Bring a friend or come alone. There will be plenty of Atlas members here to make this event a great time! This first annual THONvelope party is the perfect way to meet members, have fun with friends, and make an impact FTK.