Family Relations

The Family Relations Committee, known as “FR” is dedicated to supporting and maintaining personal relationships with our families. In order to do this, we spend our meetings planning family events, preparing gift packages, making videos and collaborating with our committee members to help our families. Not only do we support our own families, but the FR committee aims to inspire our members by providing personal stories and stories of other families within the THON community.
The FR committee is a great way for you to directly help us support our families while building new friendships. If you want to join the Family Relations Committee, you can come to its meetings at 8PM on Tuesdays. If you have any questions, contact Katie Lee and Catherine Wastella at

Hanging Out with the Smiths


Family Relations gets to send a group of Atlas members out to the Smiths to hang out with Victoria, Steph, and Matt on a regular basis because they live in State College. If you haven't met the families yet, this is a great way to meet the family on a small scale. Both old and new members are encouraged to sign up in the link below!

Click here to sign-up to hang out with Victoria!



Atlas has our very own inspiration database that will provide you inspirations that we have shared in the past as well as view new inspiration that might not be get shared during our meetings. Check out the Atlas Inspiration Tumblr  linked at the bottom of each page to stay close to the cause!


Share Inspiration

While all stories are sure to keep us close to the cause, personal experiences can be even more powerful. If you have a story that you'd like to share yourself, or if you'd like to share a story anonymously for the Family Relations Inspiration Captain to share for you, please submit your stories!

Click Here to Offer Inspiration!

How to Make a Family Scrapbook Page

Each year we give our families a scrapbook with pages from all our members. It is a great way for the families to get to know all of our members! Check out the link below for ideas/examples of how to make your own page!